Temecula Middle School

Library Policies


Library Book Policy


No ID card, No books.

1.     You must have no overdue books or fines.
2.     You may check out 4 books at one time.
3.     The check out period is two weeks.
4.     The book may be renewed if there are no holds for that title.
5.     If you lose or damage the book, a fine is applied.
6.     If you check out a book and you notice that there is something wrong with it, bring it back to the library
       immediately and we will fix the book.

Click here to read the District Policy for lost, damaged, or overdue library books. 

Library Rules

Please remember that the Library/Media Center is a place for reading, research, and study.  It is not a place for socialization. Therefore:

1.     No eating, drinking, or chewing gum is allowed.
2.     Please work quietly; do not disturb others who are working.
3.     Please speak softly.
4.     A signed pass from your teacher will be needed if you are using the library during class time.
5.     Give your passes to a staff member and sign in. 

Library during lunch time

The library is open during the lunches if there is not a class scheduled.

  1. Obtain a LIBRARY LUNCH PASS before school or at break from a Library Staff member.
  2. Enter the library quietly.
  3. Put your pass in the basket.
  4. Have a seat and study, read or work quietly.

ID Cards

  • ID cards are required for the following items:

    • Checking out textbooks.
    • Checking out library books.
    • Using the computers on campus.
    • Attending school dances and other activities. 

    Should you lose your ID card the replacement cost is $5.  Bring your money to the library and a new ID card will be printed when time permits. 

  • Library Catalog


    The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) is available on all computers at school or at home for book searches.

    Follow these directions:

    • Log onto the TVUSD Website
    • From the "Program" pull down menu click on "Library"
    • Click on "School Libraries" on the left side of the screen
    • Click on "Visit our School Libraries"
    • Locate Temecula Middle School
    • Click on the name.
    • This takes you to the school’s library catalog.

    Type in the subject and click the keyword or subject icon.  If you know the title or the author of what you are looking for you can click that icon.

    The Boolean search (where you can use AND, OR, NOT) is under Power Search. Click Power Search, then enter your topic.