Temecula Middle School

Student Handbook


The Student Planner is a designed to communicate with the students and parents about courses, behavioral expectations, and academic needs.


Think of this planner as a road map to the treasure. When you get in the habit of writing things down in your planner, looking through your planner every night for upcoming assignments, events, etc. and then doing assignments as given with your full attention, you will increase learning. By making a commitment to use this planner for every class, every day, you become actively involved in your own education. When you are actively involved, there are no heights we cannot reach, together and the treasure of learning is limitless.


This planner also gives you basic and pertinent information regarding the school to help you make informed choices about your academics and planning out the year.  Your planner can answer many questions so read through it carefully. Please ask questions of any staff member should the planner not provide all of the information you need in your pursuit of excellence.