Temecula Middle School

Textbook Policy



Each student is responsible for between $280.00 to $370.00 worth of textbooks!

  • ID cards or schedules are required for all textbook checkouts. 
  • Write your full name (first and last name), in pen, in the front cover of each of your textbooks. 
  • It is recommended to write the barcode number of each book on Page 5 in your TMS planner for your own recordkeeping purposes.
  • Students are expected to return the same book that was issued to them at the beginning of the year. On many occasions a student will turn in a book which was not the book they checked out at the beginning of the year. The barcode number must match the one on the students’ library record to clear their account at the end of the year.
  • Books are to be used only by the student to whom the books are issued to. DO NOT loan your books to your friends. If they lose the book, YOU will be charged for it.  
  • Please do not tear off the barcodes; if one comes off, there is a $3.00 charge for replacement.
  • DO NOT leave a textbook in a classroom. If the book gets misplaced, damaged, lost, etc. the teacher is not responsible:  YOU ARE!   
  • Keep books dry during the rainy season. If a book comes back wet, you will be charged a fine.
  • Cover your textbooks.  Be sure not to put tape on the textbook itself.
  • Check books for damages - all previous damage should be noted on the inside front/back cover.   It is the responsibility of each student to carefully check his/her textbooks for any PREVIOUS damage which missed being repaired or noted by the library staff. The student has two weeks from the first day of school to look through their books and to return them to the library or they will be responsible to pay the fine when the book is returned.
  • Each student is responsible for any and all damages done to his/her assigned textbooks.  Damages include torn pages, broken bindings, torn/missing barcodes, graffiti, torn covers, pages soiled by food and/or liquid damages, etc.  Fines range from $3 to full price for any book which cannot be reissued.  To avoid a fine, please report any damages to the library staff immediately.  If we can make a repair or instruct the student on how to make a repair (such as drying a wet book), fines can be avoided.
  • Do not store any liquid in your backpack with the textbooks.  We encourage you to store any lunch items (i.e., yogurt, jelly sandwich, juice boxes, etc.) which could explode in a ziplock baggie.  Should an item open it will stay within the baggie and not get on the textbooks or other school papers.



Workbooks are consumable.  They do not need to be returned at the end of the year.  Write your name in your workbook immediately.  If you lose your workbook you will be charged for the replacement copy (costs range from $2 - $17). 

Textbooks that remain at home during school year

TMS has class sets for certain textbooks, therefore, the students are encouraged to leave these textbooks at home until the end of the school year instead of carrying them back and forth.  This helps the student's backs, as well as the wear and tear of the book.  See below:

6th Graders - Earth Science & math (Grade 6 Math or Pre-Algebra) textbooks remain at home

7th Graders - Life Science & math (Pre-Algebra or Algebra 1) textbooks remain at home.

8th Graders - Physical Science, Creating America, & math (Algebra Readiness, Algebra 1, or Geometry) textbooks remain at home.